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2002 - Mount Vernon Dining Hall, Jackson's Mill, Weston, WV

Named in honor of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, Jackson's Mill State 4-H Conference Center is a multi-faceted historic landmark for the State of West Virginia. Dedicated in 1921 as the Nation's first State 4-H Camp, Jackson's Mill serves as a center of youth development as well as a living museum to its namesake.

As a young lad, “Stonewall” Jackson worked in the grist and saw mills that have graced the West Fork River since 1801. The 2 ½ story mill has a foundation of native stone and is constructed of lumber that was produced on site at the Jackson sawmill. The “family farm,” as it was referred to, was passed through three generations of the Jackson family and was eventually placed under the care of the Extension Service of West Virginia University. West Virginia’s 4-H program has developed from the Corn Clubs of the early days to a fourfold youth development program. The 4-H Motto; “To Make The Best Better”; has been observed by Jackson’s Mill throughout the past 80 years with addition of the fourteen sleeping cottages administrative buildings, recreational facilities and the Mount Vernon Dining Hall.

The focal point upon entering the grounds of “The Mill” is Mount Vernon Dining Hall. In the early 1920’s a group of 4-H boys visited the Virginia home of George Washington. The boys expressed a desirer to have a “Mt. Vernon” in West Virginia. This statement was the catalyst that dictated the final design of the Jackson’s Mill Mount Vernon Dinging Hall. Serving over one hundred thousand patrons each year, Mount Vernon still functions as the main dining facility for Jackson’s Mill.

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